MY TWO IN 2022


JJ66 is an engineering invention that came from my own experience and has been worked on by engineering students from Bristol University. It can dramatically help people who are bedbound in whatever setting including trapped in their living rooms and now needs to be manufactured.


EDIE [Encouraging Democracy Innovation and Evolution] is about how we could restructure our political system to enable many more people to share their workable ideas with the people in positions of power.

I would like to introduce a mascot Lion graphic that I have called Eddie. This was inspired by a lion toy that sits on my window and is always smiling and being positive. The Lion represents strength, courage and perseverance so a good symbol.

eddie yellow tale copy.jpg


- I have been on "chat and spin" radio at 2pm on 8th Feb talking about my event "My two in 2022"

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A letter from Downing Street