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Aero 4 All


So you’ve found AERO or someone’s directed you to it. I hope you enjoy exploring because that’s what its really about.

Have fun finding out about yourself and the people around you . If you get stuck get in touch.

What is AERO

AERO is a way of exploring who you are in the context of your world

           A= Aspirations

           E= Encouragement

           R= Realism

           O= Openness

An Aspiration can be whatever you want it to be.

I once knew an older man who was very disabled who lived a few doors from me. His aspiration was to be as independent as he could and he took about half an hour to walk a short distance to his local shop, but he did it and achieved what he wanted.

When I first knew him I asked if he needed some help but he told me he wanted to do it on his own and so I quickly learnt that the best way to encourage him was to just smile and chat to him. He knew his reality and would tell me to go ahead if he could see I was in a hurry but sometimes I liked to walk at his pace.

The truth about AERO is that there is nothing right or wrong with it. Its just one possible way of exploring life.


The answer is that its for anyone of any age, although its more likely to appeal to people over the age of ten but some younger children may understand it.

AERO is classless, ageless and doesn’t fix on gender or culture. Its just for any human beings and could be translated into any language.

You can do AERO on your own, in a group or lead by someone either on a one to one basis as I did or with several people. 



There are several elements to AERO which appear in the following sequence, to know more read  the AERO a recipe for life manual(on the Downloads page ) 

1] The words

These help trigger thoughts or discussion. I suggest that you pick a word and then consider what that word means to you. If you’re not sure look it up in a dictionary and see if it makes any sense. You might like to jot down your thoughts or share them with someone else but remember there is nothing right or wrong there are only consequences.

2] The Introvert/ Extrovert chart

This allows you to place yourself in different situations and also to consider the people who are important in your life. Remember however that you might place them as extrovert for example but they may see themselves as very different and could be in different situations.

                     Description                                                    Location or Situation                                Action to take or Acceptance

           1.  Hermit. Happy with own company




          2.  Self-harm. Possibly suicidal tendencies



          3.   Shy introverted




           4 .  Slightly introverted. Typical view of UK




          5.  Balanced. Could be indecisive.




            6.   Outgoing. Typical view of USA



            7.  Bubbly outgoing  


            8.   Loud noisy.  Insensitive to others




             9.   Centre of attention.  Can be on own.

                    Might swing to 2




              10. Centre of attention. Can never be on own.

                 Easily swing to 2.

3] The squiggles and boxes

 I suggest you choose which you prefer and why. This can lead to some very interesting thoughts or discussions.



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